Friday, June 10, 2005

Calling All Bloggers!

The cameraphone is down for the time being both because it's hella expensive to have them emailed to me and also because I've been working on my new blog, "The BlogSoul Project, which brings me to my needing your help.

In my last post I mentioned that I would create a new blog full of articles written by bloggers about their spiritual experiences which would eventually be made into an ebook or maybe even a paperback.

Well now the blog's up and I am calling for bloggers to share their experiences.

I'll even offer up a subtopic, in the form of a question. Here it is:

Have you read a book or seen a movie that has greatly impacted your life on a spiritual level?

There ya go. Use the question to come up with an article or use your own ideas.

When you're ready to publish your article, email me here to recieve instructions on how to get your article on the blog.

Send me those articles! Let's make a book!


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