Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm back!

Well, I'm here everybody and wouldn't you know it, I arrive in California in the beginning of a heat wave. I feel like the abominable snowman in the Bugs Bunny cartoon; "Gosh it's hot". Ah well, can't complain. Or at least no one in charge of weather conditions would be willing to act on my whining.

The first couple of days I stayed with my dad which was fine except that he has now ruined my appetite for what used to be my favorite mexican food: chorizo. You'll find this hard to believe, but I didn't know what chorizo was until pater opened his big fat yap. We were walking down the street for some reason or another, I think it was to buy a bed for him since I was essentially stealing his old one out from under him to use in my new digs. He said:

"It's brains."

He just had to tell me this after I informed him that I loved chorizo. "Eww" I exclaimed, then I got to thinkin' about it. Hell, I loved it before I knew what it was, why not now? I told him this and the matter was dropped.

Two days ago I went to a little mexican restaurant and ordered two chorizo burritos and a chicken quesadilla and took them home prepared to chow down; but as I unwrapped the first burrito, my dad's words shot themselves into the memory center of my brain, down my esauphagus and finally leaving a huge gaping exit wound in my hunger.

"It's brains...it's brains...it's brains..."

Great. Now I can no longer eat the stuff. Thanks a lump, dad.

I'm gettin' my revenge now, though. My dad, the computer genius, the man who worked with Steve Jobs himself, the man who has personally built dozens of computers, does not know how to take a self portrait on his own cameraphone. Observe:

Take that, you hunger killer you.